Just Another Push Board

Playing a regional Swiss match against experienced opponents, I hold my usual sort of hand.
 S:97532 H:96532 D:4 C:54
Both sides are vulnerable and the auction starts just the way I expect it when I hold a hand like this. Partner opens a 12-14 NT and RHO doubles for penalty. Partner likes to play everything natural here. Even 2C: is to play. Yuck. I suppose I could guess to bid hearts and decide to run if I am firmly doubled. Or I could sit it out. Too bad we don't play Stayman.

Another plan seems reasonable. If I bid 2D: and redouble when doubled, partner will pick a major. The only danger is that I get to play 2D:. If we were not vulnerable, that'd be no danger at all; even -400 should be a pickup. I'll probably take a couple of tricks in diamonds; after all, they won't know I've bid a short suit. The real reason I like this approach is that most good pairs play that they can't pass out 2D:. If they bid over it, I'm happy; if they double, I have a plan. I doubt partner will cross me up by raising; if he does, so it goes.

I try it. All pass. Rats. I catch the dummy of my dreams:

 S:A10 H:KJ1074 D:852 C:KJ3
I don't care what the system is; that doesn't look like a 1NT opening to me, but whatever. The opening lead is the C:10, and they pick me clean. They can't stop me from taking the S:A, so I'm down seven for an inelegant -700.

Comparing with our teammates, I announce that we have a weird result. On this board, they declare, "+690." "Push." We win the match 10-0. "What was the weird result?"

Copyright © 2007 Jeff Goldsmith