Another Useful Convention

Playing in a regional knockout with a sound partner, no one is vulnerable when I pick up  S:xx H:x D:AKJx C:AKQJ10x in fourth chair. A little surprisingly, the auction starts 1D: on my left. Partner jumps to 2S:, weak, and RHO passes. I have a problem.

Not vulnerable, partner sometimes opens five-card weak two bids. I'm not sure if that translates to weak jump overcalls, but I suspect it does. New suits are forcing here, so I could bid clubs, but I have a better idea. I'm going to try Ogust. If partner bids 3NT, solid spades, I can bid a slam. (Yeah, that's dreaming.) If partner bids 3S:, good suit good hand, or 3D:, good suit bad hand, we can play 4S:. If he bids 3H:, bad suit good hand, he'll have to have something in hearts, so 3NT should be easy. And if he bids 3C:, total crap, I'll just put down the dummy. All he needs to make that is the D:10.

In practice, not surprisingly, partner bids 3D: and we make 4S:, though it is not cold.

I've never before bid Ogust planning to pass 3C:.

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