Playing IMP pairs with a good partner and average opponents, I sit East and am dealt this in first chair both vulnerable:
 S:A863 H:AQ853 D:A C:953
I open 1H:, and the bidding accelerates quickly. South bids 2D:, and partner jumps to 3H:, which we play as preemptive, but vulnerable he won't have complete garbage. North continues to 4D:, and I have a decision to make. This is easy; they might go down one or they might make and we are not making 4H:, so I pass. South continues on to 5D:, and I double to end the auction. Partner leads the H:J and the dummy is a confidence builder.
S: 1042
H: K4
D: Q1053
S: A863
H: AQ853
D: A
C: 953
Declarer plays the H:K from dummy and I win the Ace, thinking about what to play to trick three. Shall I underlead my S:A to partner's honor? Or shall I cash out for down one and hope for a trick from partner? I'm thinking about this when, to my horror, declarer ruffs the H:Q at trick two and plays four rounds of clubs, pitches two spades, and claims eleven tricks. She had eight diamonds! Of course, I should cash the S:A at trick two to ensure the set, but I wasn't thinking about the hand yet before I had already blown it. Bridge can be a chastening game.
Copyright © 1994 Jeff Goldsmith