A Fun Match

Playing in a regional Swiss, we draw a very weak team. On the first hand, I open 2NT, buy a balanced 9-count, and things break so badly that I have no dummy entry. I can strip squeeze my RHO for 9 tricks, but I have to rectify the count by ducking a trick to LHO. For no apparent reason, she ducks that, so I run the squeeze for an overtrick. Then I score a beer. Then, twice I accept an insufficient bid in order to get support in for partner at a convenient level. I've done that before, but twice in one match?

Near the end of the match, I pick up a balanced 17-count and hear the auction 1NT-3NT.

S: K64
H: K105
D: J93
C: A854
D: Q1072
C: K93
I get the lead of a small heart to the queen and ace. I can claim 11 tricks, but there's a chance...I lead the small diamond to the jack. It loses to the king, and a heart comes back. I'd like to knock out the diamond ace, so I continue with the queen from hand. That's ducked all around. It's not safe to lead the D:10 from hand now, so I cross to the S:K to lead the D:9 from dummy. If RHO plays the eight...she does, so I unblock the ten. LHO wins her ace, so I claim 11 tricks and the beer.

A beer finesse isn't an everyday occurrance.

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