Playing in a regional open pairs against a famous pro on my left and a client on my right, I pick up in second seat
 S:KQ10975 H:3 D:J3 C:K932
The client opens a weak two in hearts on my right and I have a problem. A 2S: bid is technically an overbid, but passing may end up letting them play the hand when we have a game. Remembering the advice that the partner short in the preemptor's suit should strain to bid in order to take pressure off partner, I overcall 2S:. The pro raises to 3H:, and after pronounced agony, partner jumps to 4S:, ending the auction. The pro leads the H:Q and I get this dummy:
H: J1065
D: K954
C: AQ7
S: KQ10975
H: 3
D: J3
C: K932
While laying down the dummy, partner says, ``Don't make seven.'' West, famous for his reserved manner, replies to my partner, ``What have you been smoking?'' After a few guffaws from around the table and a red-faced partner, the H:Q holds and the pro continues with the D:A. He exits with a low diamond and I win with the King. I cash the trump Ace and everyone follows. I continue with a diamond from dummy and East pitches a heart while I ruff. I cross back to the S:J and East pitches another heart. What is going on?

East had one spade and two diamonds. He also probably had six hearts and four clubs. I ruff a heart from dummy and West follows with the deuce, so I can claim, ``Drawing trumps, double squeeze.'' The pro looks at my hand and says, ``Play it out.'' I reply ``It is actually a single squeeze played as a double. Your partner will be squeezed in hearts and clubs, but if you had held the club guard, I would have had you in clubs and diamonds. Making five?'' He still wants me to play a few more cards, so I draw trumps keeping three clubs and a heart in dummy. The pro follows to all the trumps (HE wasn't squeezed) but his partner refuses to part with any cards. By this time, we all have four cards and he has six and has tried to throw in his hand three times. Finally (I am playing this hand face up since the claim) the pro acquiesces and we score +450 for a surprising 11+ out of 12 matchpoints.

Copyright © 1992 Jeff Goldsmith